My Limited Exposure to Sword & Sorcery Literature

I’ve only just begun reading Conan stories.  I have four books with some short stories in them.  I’ve seen the original Conan The Barbarian film with Schwartznegger as well as Conan the Destroyer (which I thought kind of sucked).  I get that the film may not be true to the books, but I enjoyed Conan the Barbarian for what it was.

Seeing the Conan movie got me interested in the genre.  When time allows I’ll read more.  Maybe get some Fafhrd and Gray Mouser books.  I have some of the GOR books in my book case, but have yet to read them.

If my characters for Blood of Pangea seem a little out of place, please bear with me.  On the other hand, not every hero needs to have a tragic history that led them to the rough and tumble lifestyle of an adventurer.  From where I come from, even the average Joe and Jane, so to speak, can have a reason to go adventuring.  So my characters often may have backgrounds in assorted trades, and then you let the narrative and gameplay define how they do things. Farmers, winemakers, millers, carpenters, coopers, street beggars etc,  are all career possibilities.  How you spin them into interesting characters makes them unique and (hopefully) legendary heroes.

How about a cooper that smuggled stolen riches in his false-bottom barrels?  There’s a nice background.  He has contacts with illicit traders across the continent.  Smuggler, barrel maker and underworld diplomat, all in one. If the party decides to raid a trade caravan or the estate of some rich person, he’ll be the one most likely to find hidden compartments.  If they need a reliable criminal contact, he might be more likely than the rest to know someone, or to know someone that knows someone, if you take my meaning.

[edited 3/9/2017 to insert “or” between ‘caravan’ and ‘the’ ]



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