NPCs of my Fantasy World, Part 1

Below are the couple who own Zootaloot Farm.  Their ages are of the time of their marriage.

All stats are from Pits & Perils.  For D&D and their derivatives, assume a score of 15 or higher for the named stats.

Artair, of the Pig Clan, age 38

9th level fighter, Strength, Intelligence

Beekeeper, friend, and owner of Zootaloot Farm

Married to Didena, of the Frog clan

Bearer of Frostbane, an ancient magical sword

Artair is the fifth generation to possess Zootaloot Farm.  He had four children from his first marriage, and all inherited his gift of animal empathy.   After his wife died, he married Didena of the Frog clan, with whom he has one daughter Tana who also inherited his gift.  He learned the Song of the Bees, and can tend beehives without being stung.  He is regarded as one of the chiefs of his clan, both leading men in war and resolving disputes.  He is friends with Fabian, a chief of the Cow clan.

On his farm he has several orchards of fruit trees, as well as fields to feed his  livestock. He primary trade goods are fruit, honey and mead.

Like all the people of his clan, he made a name for himself at the age of 17, setting out on a quest to prove his worth as a warrior.  He recovered the Tome of the Planets from the abandoned Elvish library in [Unnamed Mountain Valley].


Didena of the Frog Clan, age 23

4th level Fighter, Constitution

Farmer, married to Artair of the Pig clan

Wielder of Frostbane, an ancient magical sword

Didena met Artair at the battle of [unnamed], where Artair’s wife was slain, and he was wounded by an infernal walking machine.  She took the dropped Frostbane, endured the severe burns it inflicted, and destroyed the machine.  Artair was impressed with Didena’s power to withstand the searing heat of the Frostbane.  After a period of grieving, he courted the brave woman who became his wife.  She bore one child, Tana, before taking an orc arrow to the belly, leaving her sterile.

Didena feels somewhat out of place in the Pig clan.  She is more serious of disposition than most of the Pig clan, who constantly indulge in all sorts of humor, both innocent and bawdy.  She is 15 years her husband’s junior, and the only one of her present family without the gift of animal empathy.  Nonetheless she is respected for her prowess with the sword and her courage.  Anyone who could endure the searing heat of Frostbane and not drop the weapon is worthy of praise indeed.


+2 Sword, +1 damage versus armor and foes particularly vulnerable to fire

The Frostbane is an ancient blade, presently passed from parent to child on Zootaloot Farm.  When asked how one endures the pain, the present owner says, “When you truly need the sword, you will be able to wield it.”

Whoever wields the blade for the first time must endure terrible heat which severely scalds the hand, leaving the palm with little sensation.  Anyone who wields it must save or drop the weapon, and be severely scalded for 1d3 damage.  Anyone who passes the save will still be scalded,  but can thenceforth wield the sword in either hand without being damaged.   The save must be passed to wield the weapon.   If the wielder is somehow shielded from the burning effects, the sword will not yield it’s magical bonuses.  The sword “knows” who can wield it.

The hot blade is known to cut through steel armor and ice with ease.

Note to GMs, anyone casually wielding the sword must roll 9+, whereas anyone wielding the sword in a time of need must only roll 7+.  The weapon can be handled for examination without harming the handler, but it will feel hot.  Upon wielding it for practice or battle, the roll must be made.

I haven’t decided if Frostbane is a two hander or a one hander.  If and when I get to writing about it, I’ll decide.  I generally envision Artair and his kin employing the Sword & Board fighting style, so it’s probably just a one-handed weapon.


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