Cat Men Class for Pits & Perils

I’ve yet to decide whether to call them Cat Men or Cat People.  Fighting Fantasy has them as Cat People, and it seems to roll off the tongue well.  You tell me what you like better.


Cat Men

A creation of the ancient high elves, cat men resulted from mixing humans with felis domesticus. The resulting hybrid had the intelligence of humans and the will of feral cats, and proved useless as servants to the high elves. Left to their own devices, the cat men retreated to isolated forest communities usually ruled by a Chief who proved himself in combat. They have very little need to trade with the world of men, but occasionally travel and interact with them. Rare cat men are known to take up adventuring with parties of humans. They care not for monetary wealth, but do value gems and jewelry as decorative trophies.

They’re dexterous warriors, leaping from trees and the shadows to ambush their prey and foes alike. They are excellent infiltrators, charging past enemy formations to attack them from behind. They speak their own tongue and a variant of the common human tongue. They are naked and not ashamed, but will wear simple tunics or trousers to fit in among other humanoids.

While they prefer their claws in combat, cat men are known especially for hunting with knives, bola, javelins, and thrown nets.

GMs should use their judgment as to the efficacy of claw attacks against certain monsters such as gargoyles and animated constructs.

Cat men have Dexterity plus whatever else they roll.

Cat men have a base movement rate of 60′

Cat men can feed themselves as long as there’s small game available such as rats, snakes, birds or mice.

On a successful save, cat men can detect invisible enemies, including spirits.

If a cat man forgoes his combat action, he can move at double movement rate.

The cat man gains +1 to attack and +1 damage when attacking an unaware foe.

If a cat man is unarmed, his claw attacks count as daggers.

Cat men have the dodge maneuver at level 1.

Cat men gain combat moves at 3rd level, and every 3rd level thereafter.

Cat men can carry shields, but otherwise do not wear armor.

Cat men can wield one handed melee weapons but do not use bows.

HP 7, +2 per level thereafter


2 thoughts on “Cat Men Class for Pits & Perils”

  1. I got to considering the damage bonus for surprise attacks might tread upon the Thief’s backstab damage bonus. It may be better to simply give the cat man a +1 to surprise attacks but not the damage bonus. It is something to play test and think about.


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