Fighters for Pits & Perils

After creating a draft for adapted AD&D classes, Google+ user Michael Julius inspired me to create basic P&P characters, each with a different stat and background. I want to see how far I can push the basic rules and create a variety of characters. And so, I will make a version of all four basic human classes, each with a single stat and a secondary skill. I will assume average money rolls, rounding up, and therefore give them 40 gp to work with.

For those unfamiliar with Pits & Perils stats, for each character you roll 2d6 and consult the stat chart.  For whatever stat comes up, your character excels in that ability.  For example, on a roll of 2 you character has strength, where on a 6 or 7 the character has Wisdom.  On a roll of 11-12, you can pick two stats to excel in.  So a fighter with Strength could be called a Strong fighter.

This post will cover the Fighter class with one stat.

The Strong Fighter

background: farmer

Gear: pack, bedroll, rations(7), flail, hand ax, dagger, sling, stones(20), leather, waterskin, tinderbox, rope, sack, Mule

Fred is a poor farmer known for being a fierce scrapper and his knack for wrangling livestock without any help. After a bad harvest, he was forced to eat all his animals except his best friend Ford, a mule. Fred set out with Ford to seek his fortune as an adventurer.

Wise Fighter

background: hunter

Gear: pack, bedroll, rations(7), short bow, leather, hand ax, dagger, cloak, rope, mallet, wooden stake(6), tinderbox, torch(6), waterskin, arrows(20), 1gp

Abel makes his living on animal pelts and wild herbs. He’s used to sleeping in the wild, and in fact prefers it to civilization because there’s less noise. People talk to much, and say too little. Animals, on the other hand, talk little, but say exactly what they mean: “go away”, “I don’t mind you”, “sure I’ll have a bit of that you’re cooking”, “I know you caught the fish but I’m taking it.”

Intelligent Fighter

background: Merchant

Gear: pack, bedroll, rations(7), Longsword, chain, dagger, waterskin

Bruce served as a merchant caravan guard, but learned the rudiments of appraising various trade goods. Pottery, rugs, silks, and wines (the last one, especially) are his expertise. After pursuing a clever mountebank over some fake jewels, only to be outnumbered by his hired goons, he decided that risking his life for other people’s profit wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted.

Dexterous Fighter

background: Fisherman

Gear: pack, bedroll, rations(7), short sword, dagger, net, leather, cloak, rope, waterskin, sewing kit, lantern, oil, sack, 3gp

Charlie made his living on a fishing galleon as chief of the topmen, spending more time in the rigging than on the deck. He made a name for himself when he helped repel a boarding party of sea elves, swinging from the ropes and cutting them down with his short sword. After that experience, he decided he could earn more as a hero than a fisherman.

Sturdy Fighter (constitution)

background: performer

gear: pack, bedroll, rations (7), mace, shield, crossbow, bolts(20), waterskin, tinderbox, balls, 2gp

Desperate Dan entertained with the absurd, and it paid well: snake handler, flame spitter, brick breaker. No snake bite, no burn, no concussion could deter him from his calling. That is, until he juggled poisoned knives, and cut himself. He survived a dose that would have knocked down a bear. Upon recovering, Dan decided it was time to stop temping fate for coppers and do it for gold, and set out adventuring.

Charismatic Fighter

background: Beggar

gear: pack, bedroll, rations(7), quaterstaff, dagger, sling, stones(20), leather, waterskin, mirror, cloak, lantern, oil, set of ragged filthy clothes, 6gp

It is said that Eleanore could deceive the gods themselves with her acting skills. Faking helplessness and distress was her bread and butter, her wine and meat, and her gold and silver. She learned the arts of combat brawling with other beggars for territory.  Caught trying to scam an undercover sheriff, she knocked him out and fled the city.


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