Goblin Class v 4.0 for P&P

I keep revising it and adjusting, I really need to stop.


Click the link above to download.


Changes: Updated treasure entry for NPC goblins.  Changed Shaman to three starting spells (heal + 2 chosen).  Otherwise nothing else changed.  I need to playtest the shaman to see how it feels.

If you prefer one version or part of one version over another please tell me.

I’d better stop before I ruin it like George Lucas ruined Star Wars with his re-edits.


3 thoughts on “Goblin Class v 4.0 for P&P”

    1. Thank you John! It was my hope to make the goblins equally vile and cute. If you or anyone has a better name for the gaseous mushrooms, please let me know. I figured it was a good name for something Goblins use, given their foul habits. For the life of me I couldn’t think of anything more ordinary that humans might call it.


      1. I got it. “Boom Shrooms.” If I consolidate the goblin bomb with the bladder-fart. With the proper fuse, it’s a bomb, when loaded into the apparatus for a balloon, it’s a controlled release of combustible gas. In fact, you load the boom shroom into the “bladder fart”, which is some kind of bellows bag with a nozzle, and by operating this you can burn the gas as needed to lift the ballon. The humans would call that just a gas bag, but to the crude and childish goblins, it’s a bladder fart. Oh boy, Version 5, here I come!!!

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