Write While You Can

I went to the Emergency Room last Friday on account of chest pain.  The good news is I didn’t have a heart attack, and there’s no obvious blood clots.  The bad news is that the pain is still undiagnosed, and I won’t know for some time until my primary care physician can order some more tests.  It’s really weird going about life when it feels like a hand is in your chest squeezing my insides.  I’m not fishing for sympathy, that is not the point of this post.

The point I’m driving at is I don’t know when I’ll die, none of us do.  When I was laying in my hospital bed, my three mains fears were 1) I won’t be there for my cats anymore, 2) I might end up hacked up and disabled, and 3) I won’t finish my writing.  If you’ve had an idea kicking around your head for game supplements, fiction, or anything else you would want to write about, then do it now.  Don’t wait for an emergency to clarify what you’re meant to do with your life.  I’m meant to write.  So long as I have a computer, typewriter, or paper and pencil (even a quill and ink well), I’ll write.  If I’m reduced to chiseling poetry on stone, I’ll write (let’s pray it doesn’t get there).

After getting home I worked with new zeal to finish my Goblin character supplement for Pits & Perils.  In my eagerness to get this thing uploaded, I overlooked one editing mistake, and had to ask them to hold off on posting it until I fix it.    I have one last edit to do, and then I’ll submit it again to James & Robyn for the archive.

James and Robyn, if you don’t hear from me for a month, post the draft I sent you so folks can play with it.  I’d rather people play with something decent than have nothing because I suddenly took the dirt nap.


–Abraham Gray



1 thought on “Write While You Can”

  1. Hope everything is well on your end and it wasn’t anything serious. About 15 years ago my father went through this and it turned out it was just truly horrendous heartburn–bad enough to have to get tested for possible heart attacks.

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