I went back to work on and revise a home brew adventure which occurs in a crossover of Alice In Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh.

I just discovered the copyright to Winnie the Pooh won’t expire until 2026.  That’s fine, for if I just play privately with some friends, no problem.  But I’d like to release an adventure for Pits & Perils and Blood of Pangea.

If want to release an adventure supplement themed about these living stuffed animals for Pits & Perils or Blood of Pangea, I must change names and species.  I can work with this, but it won’t have quite the same appeal.

The odds of getting a Disney license for a small print game is next to zero, and even if I could the cost would probably be astronomical.

So over the next couple months I’ll post bits and pieces of this Not-Pooh adventure as I work on it.


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