Second Blood of Pangea Character

Ritab was a Eunuch serving a Baroomian sultan.  His great strength and prowess with the scimitar earned him great respect.  He used his sorcery to secretly seduce the Sultan’s wife.


Name: Ritab              Class: Sorcerer

Might: 10

Gear:  Scimitar, 1 week rations, bedroll, shield, 3d6 silver coins


This character is interesting to me.  Being a Sorcerer, he can only use Might for feats of magic or knowledge, rather than physical tasks.  But his narrative says he’s good with a scimitar.  He might get a slight advantage with it, but he can’t boost his combat skills with Might.  So he must use his sorcery to help achieve the physical tasks he otherwise cannot do,  such as seducing the sultan’s wife.  Perhaps he used spells to befuddle his adversaries.

He earned great respect in his homeland, but he also slept with the sultan’s wife.  So his social connections there may be an advantage, or a disadvantage, depending on whether the sultan found out about it.

I didn’t make any explicit claims about his linguistic skills.  If he served as a Eunuch, then he naturally must have been proficient in the language where he worked.  Let’s hope he can speak with someone else in the adventuring party.


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First Blood of Pangea Character

This game appeals to me because characters have one one statistic, Might, that is used as a measurement of the character’s physical endurance, luck and general resolve. This resource is spent to avoid lethal wounds or enhance dice rolls.  It is recovered through rest.  Everything else is derived from the character narrative, which is a (maximum) 30 word paragraph describing who the character is.  Here is an example.


Kartum was  Puunish army physician and apothecary.  During his travels he became competent in Puunish, Nemian and Baroomian. His talent for throwing knives saved his life many times.

So your finished character sheet would have the narrative and these notes:

Name: Kartum        Class: Adventurer

Might: 10

Gear: Surgical kit, Herb bag, 1 week rations, bedroll, Knife, 3d6 silver coins


When dice rolling is required, a difficulty level is set, and 2d6 is rolled.  If the roll equals or exceeds the difficulty level, the roll succeeds.  Kartum’s rolls related to physicians, creating or dispensing medicine,  or throwing knives will be easier for him than for other characters.

He can speak Puunish, Nemian and Baroomian.  Languages are important in this game.  There is a common trade dialect that almost everyone speaks, but it lacks the substantive nuance of the other languages.  To communicate effectively and fit into a culture, you need to know their language.

As the character adventures and gains experience, he can gain new skills and increase his Might.


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