Adapting AD&D classes to P&P

In the spirit of the original fantasy role playing game, stats must be rolled in advanced before picking these classes. Each has prerequisites. These classes are powerful, and having stat prerequisites makes them rare and special.  Per the standard P&P stat generation rules, only a roll of 11 or 12 on a 2d6 allows the choice of two stats.  So rangers, paladins and bards will be rare indeed.

Ranger prerequisites: Wisdom and Constitution


A ranger has +1 to notice tracks, odor, scat, or other signs of recent activity. This increases by +1 at 3rd, 6th and 9th level.

In the wild, a ranger gain +1 to foraging attempts, and get an additional +1 at 3rd, 6th and 9th level. This provides enough food for 1d6 people, or 1d3 doses of medicinal herbs.

Being skilled hunters, rangers get +1 bonus to ranged attacks.

A ranger can wear armor up to chain and a shield.  The ranger can wield all weapons and all magical items particular to fighters.

A ranger gains one spell point at 3nd,6th and 9th levels.  Rangers can cast CALL, CALM, ROUT and OBEY.

Rangers get combat moves at third level, and every third level thereafter.

HP 10, +2 per level

Paladin prerequisites: Wisdom and Charisma

A paladin gains 1 faith point at levels 3, 6 and 9 and can use it to cast clerical spells at 1/3 his level. So a ninth level Paladin can heal like a third level cleric for 1d6+1.

Paladins have the fighter’s +1 combat bonus.

Paladins get +1 damage against undead and demons.

Paladins can wield all weapons and wear all armor.

Paladins can wield all magical items particular to fighters.

Paladins get combat moves at 3rd level and every third level thereafter.

A paladin may retain 100 gp after personal expenses, but must otherwise donate his treasure to good works.

A paladin can request room and board at any church of his faith. The vicar of said church may require a favor of the paladin such as help with a troublesome monster, aiding in an exorcism, cleaning duties, chopping firewood, etc.

A Paladin who does evil will have his powers revoked by Triune and become a regular fighter until he redeems himself.  A priest of his order will give him the mission after he confesses his sin.

HP 10, +2 per level

Bard Prerequisites: Intelligence and Charisma

The Bard has 1 spell point at first level, and gains 1 spell point every other level. Bards begin with one spell, and gain a new spell every other level. The power of a bard’s spells do not increase with level.

As entertainers preferring to be light on their feet, Bards can wear leather and use a shield. Bards can wield all one handed melee weapons and all missile weapons.

A bard can entertain at inns, taverns, camps and castles for room and board.

On a successful save, bards can earn 1d6 gp per day entertaining. Add an extra +1 to entertaining and gold rolls at 3rd, 6th, and 9th levels.

At third level, bards can specialize in a weapon, and gain +1 to attack with that weapon.

Bards get combat moves at 3rd level and every third level thereafter.

HP 7, +1 per level