Rhino Men Version 2 For Pits & Perils

Rhino Men v2

The Rhino men are a hybrid creation of the High Elves, blending human and rhino traits. Originally created to be a servile soldier class, the human free will and conscience combined with rhinoceros stubbornness made them unreliable soldiers, often disobeying unjust orders and instead killing their elvish commanders. Rhino Men joined the coalition of humans, dwarfs and sea elves in the Great Rebellion that eventually destroyed the Empire.

Adult rhino men are very tall and broad, ranging six to seven feet tall, and easily 250 to 400 pounds. Rhinomen live in tribal villages, and their homes are spartan in furnishing. They have a very martial culture, their main professions being mercenaries and caravan guards. Some take to the wilds alone or with wanderers of other species to protect the trail-ways and back-ways from being overrun with monsters.

Rhino culture values honor and heroism, and their bards create extravagant operas and orchestral hymns that are performed at seasonal festivals. Despite having only three fingers, they are adept musicians, playing bagpipes, flutes and drums. Their great voices range from soprano to deep bass, with many of their marching hymns having multiple overlapping harmonies. The rhinomen, while learning the literacies of other races, have no written language of their own. They dispense knowledge through song, rhyme, and poetry. Rhinos are well regarded in human settlements.

Rhino Men are vegetarian and do not eat flesh.

Rhino Men have Strength plus whatever else they roll. The tough rhino hide gives all Rhino Men +1 armor. Due to their great size, strength, and sharp rhino horns, if Rhino Men charge 20′ or more, they add +1 damage to any hit. Rhinos have an acute sense of smell, but like their rhinoceros relatives they have poor eyesight. Ranged attacks beyond 60′ feet are at -1.

Rhino men gain combat maneuvers at level 3, and every third level thereafter.

As their combat prowess increases, so too does their ability to withstand combat damage. Rhino men gain +1 armor at level 3, and every third level thereafter.

Rhino men wield all weapons and wear all armor.

Rhino Men speak the common trade lingo of men, their own tongue, and can speak with wild rhinoceros.


1 10 0 Warrior

2 12 200

3 14 400 Charger

4 16 800

5 18 1,600 Slayer

6 20 3,200

7 22 6,400 Hero

8 24 12,000

9 26 24,000 Chief

10 28 50,000

Designer Notes:

My Rhino Men are public domain. Enjoy them.

I revised the mechanics to simplify the class. What I envisioned for Rhinomen was a strong warrior that charged into melee and did a lot of damage, and could keep on fighting for a long time. I considered giving them +1 damage across the board (and may try that at a later date), but I wanted to emphasize the charge and fearlessness. So the charge, the improvement in armor, plus combat maneuvers,  may well be enough mechanical advantage.

In my imagination I see a wedge of rhino men charging on foot with pikes like mounted cavalry, smashing into their enemies, and then enduring the resulting melee without taking any serious injury. I can see a shield wall of Rhinomen hurling javelins and then charging into the opposing shield wall.

I asked myself, why give them extra armor, and not more hit points? I’m thinking because they could still be slain by poison, magic, or other evil things that bypass armor.

I cannot imagine Rhino Men giving each other titles besides “honored brother/sister”.

What do you think?